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The view from tailors in london about people wearing army clothes as a fashion statement is not new. In fact, a 17th century British army uniform exhibit - at the famed Imperial War Museum in London - states that London's famed tailors helped design the now famed colour red dress uniform. Also, this style was not only popular with "Red coat" soldiers, but also trended with civilians who not only wore red clothing, but fashion that mirrored the look and design of popular army clothes. Flash forward to 2013, and the inspiration for popular fashion continues to be red and all shades of green and grey that are found in everyday English army uniforms.

Dressing in camouflage gear

Another aspect of army clothes as high fashion today is linked to the various camouflage prints and different design motifs that reflect styles commonly worn by soldiers. The trend also includes loose fitting shirts and pants that are commonly called "fatigues" by soldiers. According to numerous online fashion comments, the appeal of army uniforms reflects a sort of appreciation about the "functionality" and "great comfort" of this type of dress.

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Military kit all the rage

While British soldiers refer to their military clothing as a "kit," the civilians who enjoy dressing up in army clothes say it is all the rage in London and other parts of the UK because this style clothing is highly functional and features a lot of cool accessories. In turn, there are many fashion gurus in London who consult with local tailors to make a typical soldier outfit their own brand with something that is known as "repurposed military vibe." This so-called new look combines almost every army clothing item including take offs on wearing a uniform shirt, pants, boots and even the head gear.

At the same time, there are many trending film stars that wear custom leather military jackets and other military gear in recent hit films such as "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," and "The Hunger Games." In turn, there are hundreds of trendy boutiques around the UK that feature all sorts of army uniform items that have been adapted for the civilian market. Tailors who once sorted out fine suits for men and women are now being asked to customize old army clothing items into "glad rags" that fashion fans enjoy wearing for both day and night attire.

Army clothing viewed as comfortable

Another indicator that army clothes are now trending with the British public is news from the famed Burberry brand that much of its "classic design" has its roots in military clothing styles. While Burberry's announcement is not news to fans of this highly functional line of outdoor gear, it is another indication of "comfort being out design," explained a fashion designer during a BBC TV interview.

The designer went on to explain how the British Armed Forces spent nearly 100 million pounds on uniforms last year, while civilian fashion producers spent an equal amount on kits that reflected retro army and navy surplus styles that remain popular today in various smocks and other camouflage styles.